Pressure Washing/ Power Washing is one of the best ways to improve the curb side appeal of your home or business. Power Washing can remove tire marks, rust, calcium, oil, graffiti and much more. As a pressure washing company in Las Vegas, we consider ourself as a health and safety company. You might ask how? Exterior flooring is supposed to have so much etching to be safe to walk on. Concrete and Pavers over time get calcium and magnesium build up causing them to become to smooth. If this is a case it can also become a slipping hazard. Green Home Pressure Washing can help with all these issues, including exterior window cleaning, solar panel cleaning, sealing and re-sanding of pavers and concrete floors.

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To continue to provide exceptional customer service to our current and future clients. GHPW is stronger than ever with our experience and dedicated team we will continue to set high standards in all services we provide.

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